Larry Bright - jazz/fusion drummer, Sun Ra, Ahmad Jamal, Buddy Guy, John Scofield, John Lee Hooker, Paquito D'Rivera, Frank Gambale, Gary Grainger, Carl Filipiak......

This is without a doubt the most practical piece of drum hardware to come out in a long time. I've had the privilege of playing with the legends of jazz, and the road time that goes with that and clinics over the years. On-stage headaches with dozens of small loose parts are a thing of the past .

Alphonso Young Jr. -educator, writer and one superb drummer. The Young Bros., The Eric Byrd Trio

" I just had to write to tell you how GREAT The Grombal is!!! I can not tell you how many times I've been on the road and wished that there was a product on the market for this exact purpose."

Dave McAfee - backing up the Toby Keith Band

I bought a few packages and tried them out on the road, and I love what they do for the freedom of the cymbals! The sound and the range of motion are exactly what they should be with your Grombals installed!

Michael Cartellone - with the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band

"I have always been preoccupied with cymbal felts wearing unevenly. So much so, that I have a habit of spinning cymbals during a gig, to get them back into position.
The Grombal has absolutely been the solution to this problem. Using them in just one show, I knew this product was perfect for me. Thank You Grombal!"

Eric Adams -drummer at The Cafe Wha' - NYC

I'm the house drummer at The Cafe Wha in NYC, tried them and was blown away!
Was a little skeptical thinking they might impede a cymbal. But, my cymbals sounded and felt the same. And, the Grombals even make ur setup look great! The first thing I thought when I 1st tried the Grombals is how perfect they are for those many occasions when drummers don't get the luxury of using their own kit. (i.e gigs, rehearsal studios, etc) Lots of drum products come out, but every now and then something really hits the mark.

Eric Selby - Billy Thompson, Charlie Sayles, Little Bit A Blues, Memphis Gold & many more...

"Cymbals are a big investment for drummers. The Grombal protects that investment and provides easy and quick set-up. In addition to the practicality and assistance that The Grombal provides, it allows for the cymbal to resonate and ring properly to deliver maximum resonance. Ultimately, it's about the sound, right? The first week I mounted them I had the opportunity to use The Grombal in rehearsals, in the studio and in live performance and The Grombal worked brilliantly in every application."

Joe Sacco, NY

I have been using your invention since 2009 and wanted to make sure that I felt the same excitement that I experienced the very first time I used the Grombal. It is ,without a doubt ,“ The Nuts” .....I have been playing nightclubs shows, theatrical stage shows and in bands from trios to 18 piece orchestras for the past 40 years and this is the single greatest application to a drum kit that I have seen.


Bentley Cobb, VA.

These last few months have been killer smooth using these grombals!!!
My band just did a fast homemade vid using the GROMBALS hard!!

Charlie Covault - drummer with The Littletown Band

We finished opening for Gary Allen and Willie Nelson in Laughlin Nv. I just purchased your Grombals and I love them! I purchased for all my cymbals. The Grombals are an amazing product. They let your cymbals ring and sound as pure as can be. They protect my cymbals on the stands and in the cases. I will never have to pick up a felt on a dark stage again!"

Kristian Thompson - drummer for Vinyl Tap

I have what one fan called “A sea of cymbals” and setting up and tearing down is quite the task. With the Grombal/CymbalChief, setup and tear down is so much easier, I don’t have to mess with felts, washers or wing nuts. Just slide the cymbals on the stand and play. When we are done I just slide them off and into the cymbal bag they go. The way these products are designed allows for complete freedom for the cymbals to swing when hit, allowing for ALL the natural tones to emanate from them. I can not recommend these products enough. I am sold and a loyal customer.

Adam Wooten - welcoming the next generation of drummers.kit!"


Ronnie King - drummer for over 55 years, detailer, restorer for the past 40 years

The Grombal protects your cymbals, one of the largest investments in your drum kit. No more searching for washers or felt pads that have slipped off the stands and into your gig bag. The Grombal requires a one time insertion into the mounting hole of the cymbal. The Grombal can also bring old cymbals already suffering from egging or key-holing back to their original mounting and balance. So whether old or new your cymbals will benefit from the Grombal

Joey Sandoval, CA

After reading about the Grombal, I decided to purchase one and try it out. the Grombal is a great investment for all drummers! It lets the cymbal flow naturally and possibly a little more then the traditional sleeves and felts. Speaking of sleeves and felts, YOU DON'T NEED THEM! It gives the cymbal room for a better sound in my overall opinion. Thanks, Grombal!!

Ryan Wolk - drummer for The Sunset Villians

This is it! I have finally found the perfect form of cymbal protection. I've tried so many different products and was never 100% sold until now! The Grombal allows the cymbal to produce its most natural sound. I gig quite a bit with my band and it is without a doubt the fastest, most comfortable and most reliable cymbal protector out there!

Dan Pectol - drummer with The Old World

I've used these exclusively for over a year now. I feel that they enhance sustain while giving an ideal range of sway. They eliminate chatter on the stand compared to the plastic, threaded sleeves I had previously been using - particularly important when recording those delicate tunes. They simplify the set up & breakdown for on & off stage transition & just look so clean on my kit. I'm totally sold on the product.

Kirk O'Steen - NC -

I was extremely impressed with how quick it was to put on the cymbal and how it stayed with the cymbal, not the stand. In addition, little to no resonance was lost using the grombal. I'd recommend this product to any drummer looking to cut down on set up time and the use of felts, screws, and cymbal sleeves.

Nick Vasiliou- drummer for Sid & the Midnight Hour Band, Motown, R&B

Love the idea that you don't need the felts or the wing nuts, the cymbal has a nice free feeling. I always show it to drummers that stop in to play. I think your product is a great idea, makes setting up easy and protects the cymbals.

Roger Perez - Drummer with Asterionella, Bounty Hunter Bros., Donzo's Cosmos.

As a Drummer who is always on the go, I am always on the lookout for drum gear that makes my set up and tear down quicker and more efficient. I came across The Grombal during a hunt to find a cure for a prized cymbal with a key-holing issue. The answer? use The Grombal from the start and protect your prized brass while eliminating felts and sleeves and leaving your cymbals sound, tone and movement unchanged. This product should be in every drummers bag or mounted on any serious drummers cymbals.

Michael Siczynski (Aus.)- Vicky Turner Band, The Joystars, Jennifer Trijo

"The Grombal is simply brilliant, it's one of those products you see and think: "Why didn't anyone think of this before?". It protects the cymbal centre hole and provides just the right amount of support, not too tight, not too loose, just perfect. You can also stack the cymbals with Grombal. Easy and fast to install, no need for screws of felts. After I tried one, I immediately ordered another 10 for all my cymbals."

Graham Drummond - with Air Marshal Landing , Ontario

Playing gig after gig and sharing my kit and hardware with other drummers, there is a tendency for those felts to get lost in the process,.... My cymbals will no longer crack from the inside out, I have access to the sound I have always been searching for, and NO MORE FELTS!!!! AMAZING! Keep up the good work!"

Joseph Scarpino - drumming with Roulette

"Really, really easy and extremely convenient to have these on all your cymbals. A really good investment for all you traveling drummers or guys that gig a lot."

Check out Joe's review at YouTube

Donn Garrett -

No more messing with wingnuts and looking for them once they hit the ground and bounce never to be seen again. Grombals stay right where I put them. Now I don't have to worry about how tight my wingnuts are and them flying off during a song. I can't imagine going back to the old way.

Donn Garrett- Aug., 2015- Modern Drummer

Johnny Sexx with King Belvedere

Together The Grombal & The Chiefs are the best thing to ever happen to supporting cymbals. The Grombal protects against key holing. I play with my cymbals flat. Using Felts, they always end up breaking down. The cymbals end up tilted in any given direction. Then The Cymbal Chief hit the market, after one gig using the Chiefs, I will never go back.

Anthony Hitaffer- drummer for Wasabi

I love using the Grombal! It saves me a lot if time in those quick changeovers, and protects my cymbals. I can't see a reason to use felts again. The Grombal is great! The CymbalChief is an awesome replacement for those annoying, deteriorating felts. I love how my cymbals seem to float on top of them without any dampening. kit!"

Earl Smith Jr.- touring with The Aaron Neville Quintet

I love using the Grombal! It saves me a lot if time in those quick changeovers, and protects my cymbals. I can't see a reason to use felts again. The Grombal is great! The CymbalChief is an awesome replacement for those annoying, deteriorating felts. I love how my cymbals seem to float on top of them without any dampening. kit!"

Daystar Church - Greensboro, NC

Since we set up and tear down at some of our campuses, Grombals have been very practical for us to use, and has made us more efficient. Not having to worry about key-holing and felts have saved us heartache as well as time. Discovering The Cymbal Chief has served to our advantage as well. Both products make our process much easier.

Tim Goff - Great chance to see the Grombal&Chief in action

These things are GREAT! No more fiddling with felt, washers and wingnuts! Cymbals sit at the perfect tension inside the grombal, it allows for the optimal projection of your cymbal sound. Another advantage that I didn't really see them advertise was that in a way, they help prevent damage to your stick when you are close to the bell. When hitting the bell, often times i'll accidentally strike the wingnut. This eliminates that problem entirely. If you want something under the grombal, I recommend the cymbal chief.

AJ Curtis - with Pushing the Sun

"I have been waiting for a product like this since I started drumming. I have tried rubber felts, foam felts, quick releases, spring mounts & swing nuts. Using the CymbalChief with the Grombal is like finding perfection. The CymbalChief used with the Grombal makes for a more efficient quick and easy set up & tear down each and every time. This is hands down the best cymbal mounting set up ever! AJ "

Chuck Weidler - drummer for Whiskey Burn
I play my drums hard and loud. We have done some recording with these installed on my kit and my cymbals sound great. In fact I think they sound better. They resonate a bit longer which helps give them a fuller sound when recording. I'm using the CymbalChief on my stands. I was able to just put them on with no washer or anything under them. Your products have reduced my set up and tear down time. I no longer have worry about washers, felt washer or wing nuts any longer.

PJ Alvarez - with Teeze

What an amazing product. Within the first hour of playing I knew this is what I have been waiting for. Everything is easy to place and remove. Very efficient. Cymbals sound great. They resonate beautifully. WOW. I wish I would have discovered this ten years ago.