1. Pinch the Grombal base firmly and push the edge of the smaller flange up through the bottom of the mounting hole.

2. Once The Grombal is partially inserted, you can work the smaller flange through from the top for easy installation.

3. That's it! Place the cymbal on your stand... Don't worry about the felts, sleeves, or wingnuts...

You won't be needing those anymore! Your cymbal is safe and secure!  You're ready to play!

Michael Brush from the UK demos the Grombal installation

Tips for using The Grombal


   Important Note - The Grombal is designed to be used with standard 6 or 8mm threaded shafts.


   Many cymbal hard cases use a 10mm stud to secure the cymbals in the case. In this situation The Grombal would have to be removed and replaced each time the cymbals are transported.


   In this case, no pun intended, we are sorry to say we do not recommend using The Grombal.

We hope to have a solution to this issue in the future. Thanks and please, use us where you can.


   Sleeves? - None needed. The Grombal effectively moves the sleeve function from the stand to the cymbal. And keeps it there.


   Felts? - The Grombal base also isolates full contact with felts if they are used. We recommend you try them without felts, our goal is to reduce the drummer’s spare parts load. The large base of the Grombal was designed to protect the cymbal from contacting metal support washers and or felts.


   Wingnuts? - Again, optional. The flexible design of The Grombal allows the deflection of the cymbal to compress The Grombal against the shaft of the stand to keep the cymbal in place. The more the cymbal moves, the tighter the grip. Drummers encounter missing wingnuts. Our goal was to safely allow the cymbal to be played in the absence of a wingnut, but it is compatible with wingnut use.


   Cupped washer? - We do recommend proper support, it adds to the life expectancy of the Grombal. Better yet, to eliminate loose, noisy metal washers and felts from the stand completely try the new CymbalChief. The perfect complement to the Grombal….